The Long Beach – A Warm Welcome

We would like to congratulate you on taking over your flat. You and your family will experience high quality living environment as well as our professional property management services.

The Long Beach is a luxurious waterfront residential development. At Club LB, residents have exclusive enjoyment of clubhouse facilities including a Grand Ballroom, LB Mansion, Beauty Suite, KTV Party Room, Music Studio, D-Cinema, Gymnasium, Reading Room, Water World and Junior Clubs, etc.

This handbook is prepared to enhance residents’ understanding of our development, House Rules and the Deed of Mutual Covenant. Your support is a prequisite to a pleasant and harmonious living environment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation in following the guidelines and regulations set out in this Handbook. However, we acknowledge that property management is an imperfect science and believe that all guidelines or regulations embodied will have to be reviewed periodically. We, therefore, welcome all residents’ suggestions for the better management of The Long Beach. Please do not hesitate to deliver suggested changes in writing to Concierge or the Customer Service Office.

We sincerely wish you a happy and harmonious living at The Long Beach.


Best wishes,
The Long Beach Customer Service Office


Floor Plan

Useful Forms

Useful Links

(1)   General Rules & Regulations of Club LB

(2)   The Quiet Room Regulations

(3)   Card Room Regulations

(4)   D-Cinema Regulations

(5)   KTV Party Room Regulations

(6)   The Cellar Regulations

(7)   The Humidor Regulations

(8)   Billiard Room Regulations

(9)   Red Room Regulations

(10) Music Studio Regulations

(11) Piano Room Regulations

(12) Wonderland Regulation

(13) Yoga Fitness Studio Regulations

(14) Gymnasium Regulations

(15) Coliseum Regulations

(16) Rocky Mountain Regulations

(17) Massage Zone Regulations

(18) Steam / Sauna Regulations (Male Changing Rm)

(19) Jacuzzi Regulations

(20) Water World & Indoor Furo Bath Regulations

(21) Steam Regulations (Female Changing Rm)

(22) Sauna Regulations (Female Changing Rm)

(23) Tennis Court Regulations

(24) BBQ Garden Regulations

(25) Grand Ballroom Regulations

(26) Kid's Art Center Regulations

(27) LB Mansion Regulations

(28) Crazy Golf Regulations

(29) Children Play Ground Regulations

(30) Basketball Court Regulations

(31) Changing Room Regulations